The race takes place on the 10th of June, 2018, in the city of Geraardsbergen Belgium. 
What is the distance?
Challenge Geraardsbergen is a half distance triathlon (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run). You can participate individually (Age Group and PRO) or in a relay team. 
in which category do i register?
Age group: for federated triathletes and non-federated triathletes. PRO triathlete: placing in Challenge Family races counts towards PRO triathletes overall rankings and winnings Relay Team: for relay teams; teams must have a minimum of 2 members. One member can compete in a maximum of 2 segments. Teams may be all male, all female or mixed.  
do i have to pay a license for a day?
You must pay a license fee for a day if your not a member of the triathlon federation of your own country. The fee for a day license is €15. You can pay the fee at race number pick up. A relay team needs only one license for the team. 
how do i register for the race?
You can register for the race on the website registration-page.  
how can i cancel my registration?
If you want to cancel your registration, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
can i use a wetsuit?

The use of a wetsuit will be your own choice. The average water temperature in july is 20 degrees Celsius. 

what are the cut off times?

11u pro men start  / 11u02 pro female start  / 11u05 age groupers Women start  / 11u08 age groupers men start  / 11u10 relay start

12u30: swim cut off

14u10: cut off bike 1 climb muur (43.5K)

16u10: cut off start run

19u00: cut off run  / The run course will close at 19:00 for all competitors 

Please check athlete breefings for leatest timings

is the briefing mondatory?

The briefing is mandatory for all participants*. The aim of the briefing is to inform participants about important details of the competition and the latest news. In the meeting, we will explain all courses, with an emphasis on dangerous points, traffic, transition areas, etc. *If you cannot go for any reason, let us know by sending an email. When and were will be announced soon!

where can i sleep?

The preferred partner hotel of Challenge Geraardsbergen is Ibis Hotel Aalst. More info on this here!

how do i check my bike in/out?

The bike check in will take place in the Transition zone 1 at Provinciaal Domein De Gavers (see venue layout page), where you must show your wristband to the gate keeper (you will receive your wristband when you register and pick up your Race number). Bike check in will be possible on Saturday 01/07 from 17:00 till 20:00 PM. and on Sunday 02/07 from 08:00 till 10:30.

The bike check out will take place in the Transition zone 2 at the Zakkaai in the center of Geraardsbergen (next to the finishline) (see venue layout page), where you must terurn your wristband to the gate keeper. No wristband = no entrance!  

WHen can i pick up my race number?

This will be possible on Friday 30/06 from ….. till ….. on Saturday 01/06 from …. Till … And on Sunday from ….. till ….. You can do this in the registration area next to the expo. (see venue layout page)

is drafting allowed?

The practice of drafting is completely illegal in Challenge Geraardsbergen.

WHEn is the start?

11:00 AM – Pro Men

11:02 AM Pro Women 

11:05 First wave Age Group Women

11:08 Age Group Men

11:10 Relay teams

Please check athlete breefings for leatest timings

is there a minimum age?

The minimum age for participants is 18 years for the half distance as well as for the relay.

can i swim in the lake before the start?

There will be a zone reserved for swimming before the race. On Saturday there is a swim competition in the lake. This could be an opportunity to train in the lake with the presence of the lifeguards.

do i have to wear a bike helmet?

Yes, a helmet must be worn during biking. The helmet will be checked during check-in.

do i use a racebike or a triathlonbike?

The choice is up to you. The bike course is Tri-bike frindly. There is only 1 zone of coubblestones (800m long at the last part of "The Muur"). But we do recommend a minimum gear of 39x25 for the steepest part of the climb! 

Can someone support me during the race? May I accept help?

Food and drinks can only be taken at the aid stations.Company on the race course is not allowed and may lead to disqualification. At the end of every aid station there will be a zone of 50m in which you can accept "special needs" from your trainer our supporters. During the race, no help is allowed. Bike malfunctions or break downs must be handled alone. However there will be mechanical assistance during the race on crucial places on the bike course. Before the race there is a local bikecenter where you can get any help you need. S-bikes

My address or other informations on my person have changed. How and where can I announce this?

Please send all changes as soon as possible by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What nutrition is offered during the race at the aid stations?

On the bike and run course there will be enough nutrition. The Nutrition partner is WIN2 (Bars, gels and isotonic). Test-packages can be ordered on the website You can also get bananas, oranges, Coca Cola and Red Bull. After the race, in the recoveryzone, there will be plenty of food and drinks.

Parking for athletes and spectators

There is a parking space reserved for athletes only. Its close to transition zone 2 and close to the finishline at the citycenter. A shuttlebus can take you to the startzone and transition zone 1. The shuttle service can be used by athletes and spectators.

Are companions allowed to participate in the pasta party and awards ceremony?

Of course! The pasta party is for free for all athletes. There companions can join the party at an additional cost of €20 per person (pasta-diner + 2 drinks). (Kids €13) The awards ceremony is free for everybody!

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

Send us your questions by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help you! 

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