Challenge Geraardsbergen goes Velofollies 

In January, every cycling fanatic looks forward to the year’s largest Benelux convention for all things cycling. All the trendsetting companies from sectors relating to our beloved bicycle will be in attendance in Kortrijk. Among the exhibitors you can find 3 of Challenge Geraardsbergen’s partners: Decca, Grinta and Win2. We are happy to introduce them to you in advance, and invite you to discover a tip of the iceberg at Velofollies.


The Zottegem-based family business Decca started up in 1930 with stylish sweaters and debardeurs, and has provided sporting equipment to any and all teams looking for quality clothing for their favorite sport since 1970. They have supplied clothing for champions such as Freddy Maertens, Sean Kelly, Edwig Van Hooydonck and more recently the Russian Alexander Kristoffs Katusha. They also supply the clothing for some none-too-shabby teams in the world of triathlon: SMO-Specialized and #XCD. Decca will pleasantly surprise you the 2nd of july, so be sure to take a look in hall 1, exhibit 103…


A match to be noted: Challenge Geraardsbergen and Grinta!, the bimonthly magazine whose title is Italian for “guts, perseverance, daring, character”. Ingredients for the life of any triathlete, which will also be present in the first weekend of july during Challenge Geraardsbergen, as the footage of the classics shows about the “Muur”: Grinta. The magazine will be printing an article about the Challenge triathlon in Geraardsbergen, and on Sunday, January 22th around 16h, the Challenge Geraardsbergen team along with top triathlete Tine Deckers will be in attendance in the Grinta! Speaking arena at hall 5.


Years of research have allowed our sports nutrition partner Win2 to provide you , both before and after the Challenge Geraardsbergen, with the right bars, gels and sport drinks to give your best performance around the legendary Muur of Geraardsbergen. Provide your body with Win2 Recovery after your admirable performance for optimal recovery. Curious about your gluten free competition food? Then be sure to pass by hall 4, exhibit 413! 


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